13 Actions You Can Take Now to Help End Gun Violence



Take action now towards gun control – every step helps

My friends, here we are again. Sadly, it was only a matter of time. Yesterday, learning about the tragedy – the travesty – of what happened in Las Vegas, I was unspeakably sad. Today I am spitting mad. Encouraged by the widespread calls for gun control. But I also know that another news cycle will knock this one off the front pages because, quite frankly, there’s too much news and too many battles that need fighting.

But this is the battle I fight and I hope, really, hope, that YOU too are ready to take action and make your voice heard. It’s not going to happen overnight; I mean look where we are with racism despite all the decades since the Civil Rights Act. But we have to do something, right? In my opinion, grieving is the first step, sustained action must be next. (Side note: read here about the many victories that Moms Demand Action have already achieved – see activism works!)

After last year’s “record breaking” mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub, I compiled a list of the organizations you can join and follow, and actions/petitions you can sign and share. I’ve updated the list, I know it’s incomplete (please let me know who else to add).

Please join me – I beg you – in taking action. Every little bit will make a difference in the long run. Thank you.

  1. Send a direct message to Congress now >>
  2. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America – join now, take action
  3. Petition for Gun Control Now
  4. Petition to the House of Representatives to Let the CDC Conduct Research on Gun Violence
  5. Every Member of Congress Who Took Money From the NRA and Tweeted ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ to Las Vegas (is your representative on this list – get informed and call them out on it)
  6. Everytown, formed by mayors across the US
  7. Guns Down USA – stop the flow of the NRA’s blood money
  8. Americans for Responsible Solutions (Gabby Gifford’s organization)
  9. Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence
  10. Sandy Hook Promise, research-based prevention programs
  11. BeSmart for Kids – a conversation about guns, kids and safety
  12. Stop Handgun Violence
  13. Newtown Action Alliance
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