Today I #WearOrange Because …


wear orangeI am sick and tired of being sad, angry and scared: I am taking action, will you? #UseYourVoice

I cannot accept as normal the fact that 96 people die every day in the USA from gun violence: this is not OK #EndGunViolence

As long as there’s unfettered access to guns, people will die–especially people of color, people with mental health issues, women and children: #DisarmHate #BlackLivesMatter

Our kids should not fear for their lives at school: schools should be places of nurturing, not prisons: #NeverAgain

I am through with your empty #ThoughtsandPrayers: I demand policy change

I do not understand the selfishness of putting your right to own a firearm ahead of the selflessness of protecting and saving lives: but I do believe you can be a responsible gun owner and support common-sense gun reform

I am floored, inspired and emboldened by the #Parkland and #SantaFe students

I am an optimist #ExpectUs

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