Interested in writing a guest post?

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll see that from time to time, I publish guest posts. Not only do these help reduce my own personal ‘blog load’ – as a working Mom, it’s tough enough trying to keep to my target of writing one post a week – but they also help to inject new voices and content into my blog which, I believe, adds value and variety. After all, who wants to read my drivel all the time?!

If you are interested in guest blogging on Keeping the Glass Half Full, please consider the following guidelines before emailing me your proposed idea at

  • I prefer topics that are authentic and follow the general themes of my blog: motherhood, families, parenting, optimism, good humor, being a working Mom
  • Topics must look on the bright side of life!
  • Tell me about yourself and why you are motivated to guest post on my blog
  • Tell me why I – and my readers – will relate to the topic you’re proposing
  • Please share an example or two of relevant, published blog posts and, if you have, a link to your own blog or website
  • Note that, in general, I do not promote products or services on my blog. So your proposed post must not be promotional. However, if the topic is relevant, authentic and well-written, then I’m happy to include a link in your bio

I promise to read all emails with proposed post ideas and will get back to you if I’d like to accept your post. Generally, your posts should be no more than 500 words. You can send me your proposed content in email or in a Word doc. I shan’t edit, unless I see any glaring typos – hey, we all do it! –  or feel like the content doesn’t fit with my guidelines. Please don’t forget to include a headline – people often forget – and do please share a few lines about yourself, a link or two, and a photo of your smiling face!

I always share my own posts over Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and a bunch of other places depending on the topic – and I encourage my guest posters to do the same.

Thanks, from me to you!


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